Custom exhaust system for Porsche 964 UK Europe


 Custom exhaust system for Porsche 911 in UK and Europe


Improved Performance

SuperChips Buckingham have completed back to back runs on their MaHa rolling road and reliably recorded 295.6bhp and 352nm. This is with a completely stock engine and a live remap. Driveability and tractability were also vastly improved over stock.

Take a look at our Dyno charts in our performance case studies blog for more results, or get in touch to discuss having your own custom Porsche racing exhaust system made.

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The race manifolds/primaries are true equal length and are hand fabricated in 1.5mm thickness 304 grade stainless steel for longevity and robustness, weighing just 4.025kgs each. These compare favourably over the factories combined manifold/heat exchanger of 6kgs each!

Our entire system, including all fixings and brackets weighs just 27kgs.

A completely factory stock system with CAT and primary/secondary rear silencer would be nearer 45kgs complete.

Weight savings of up to 18kgs at the rear and mostly beyond the rear axle, definitely contribute to better handling and changes of direction.

It is difficult to fabricate a race system to be quiet, but we have shown that this is possible in spite of the substantial gains made. Naturally this can be useful for track day enthusiasts. The system produces just 102db at 4-5000rpm static test, compared with the previous system which exceeded 112db under the same conditions.

more aural character can be achieved by removing a proportion of the sound deadening material and removing one half on the internal baffling inside the central single silencer. The system then produces a fantastic raspy howl and is still only 104db. This motorsport aural tone is especially noticeable under acceleration and above 4,000 rpm.

Considerable testing in all driving conditions has confirmed the system is extremely quiet at motorway cruising speeds with absolutely no intrusive boom, feedback or unwanted vibration inside the car.






The system has been fabricated from 304 grade stainless steel and is satin finished, not highly polished. All welds are F1 inspired and gas purged for optimum flow and visual quality.




Each of the 2 manifold banks are perfectly equal in length and feed into efficient cylindrical heat exchangers. If no Catalysts are specified, then the heat exchanger are small in diameter with internal baffling to slow down the flow of hot air making them thermally efficient at providing ample cabin heat in cold weather. However, if Catalysts are needed, we form slightly larger cylinders that can internally house race quality 100/200 cell cats and produce plenty of heat for the cabin.

Race quality Catalysts (2 per system) can be supplied at additional cost.


The 964 Race System can be fitted to all versions of the Porsche 964 from 1989 - 1993. Suitable for C4, C2, Coupe, Targa, Cabriolet and RS in either 3.6, 3.75, 3.8, 3.9 or 4.0L engine capacities.

964 Turbo and Dual Exit systems will come a little later once we have a customer's car to fabricate in situ, allowing us to produce jigs for a millimetre perfect fitting.




 Race System – Heat Exchangers – No CATS - Single outlet

Race System - Heat Exchangers - 100/200 Race Catalysts - Single outlet (additional cost for CATS, see below)

Race System – No Heat Exchangers – No CATS – Single outlet





Standard system (complete system, heat exchangers, single outlet, all brackets and fixings including stainless steel flexible ducting for the slimline heat exchangers).

£4,495 + VAT + Shipping

For customers requiring Catalysts (choice of 100 or 200 race quality Catalysts) - there will be an additional cost for both Catalysts. These are housed within the inline heat exchangers.







Custom exhaust system for Porsche 964 in UK and Europe


If you have any questions about the custom exhaust system for Porsche 911, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.