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 Steve Bennett (964 Race Systems) 


 Custom exhaust system for Porsche 964 in UK and Europe


About Me

My name is Steve Bennett and I am a Porsche enthusiast. I have previously owned and enjoyed a 964 RS, 993 C2S, developed into an exact 993 RS 3.8 replica, 3.0 SC which then developed into a ’73 RSL Hotrod with Nick Fulljames/Redtek with 964 Cup Spec engine (950kgs 320bhp), 996 GT2 with 580bhp and finally feel I have hit the sweet spot in terms of classic looks and pure performance with my 964 C2 RHD manual. In my spare time I am mostly found taking my 964 for early morning blasts down quiet A & B roads and on track days.

After 3 years of ownership, I discovered the OEM manifolds/heat exchangers (fitted with CAT bypass and Cup Pipe) needed replacement after the silencer split along the seam. I also discovered hairline fractures around the manifolds going into the heat exchangers.


Why 964 Race Systems Came About

After extensive investigation, it became clear that if you wanted race tuned performance but wanted to retain road convenient heat exchangers, there were mostly compromised systems on the market for older air-cooled Porsches.

Typically, you could either choose a single-purpose race system or a street system. The OEM manifolds are a known performance restrictor and most aftermarket systems are not equal length, despite claiming to be. Typically, if you chose a street system with heat, you lost the performance benefit of having equal length race headers or had to put up with questionable quality.

I looked at the best that Germany had to offer and noticed that their systems were overly complicated and mass produced. I wanted true, equal length race headers, efficient heat exchangers for year-round driving, a system simplified down to its basic components to allow maximum weight savings, and I wanted this fabricated with the highest quality materials, design and hand-made quality, preferably in the UK. In short, I needed a custom exhaust system for my Porsche 911.