Custom exhaust system for Porsche 964

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At 964 Race Systems, we build complete race exhaust systems for the Porsche 911/964 (1989-1993).

If your looking for race tuned performance with efficient heat retention and class-leading quality construction for your Porsche 964, there is only one answer – a bespoke, made to order 964 Race System exhaust.

We have taken the original exhaust system, given it a completely modern re-design, made it lighter, with class-leading construction and proven bhp/lb/ft gains.

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Custom exhaust system for Porsche 964 in UK and Europe




Features and Benefits of the Custom Exhaust System for Porsche 964


 More Power

SuperChips MaHa rolling road recorded a repeatable power curve showing  295.6bhp and 352nm - this on an untouched standard 3.6 engine with just a live remap. With rebuilt, tuned or higher capacity engines, you should see significant power gains as the system is less restrictive.

Dependent on maintenance, mileage, service history and condition of your engine.


Durable Construction

Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel 1.5mm tubing in a functional satin finish. Superior hand-made built quality from a master fabricator with over 20 years of experience, to ensure real longevity.


 Better Handling

Weight savings of up to 18kg in the rear and 6kgs from just the manifolds, contribute to far better handling and weight distribution. This improves handling characteristics and performance.


 Interior Warmth

Internal baffling inside the heat exchanger cylinders slows the flow of hot gases to preserve interior cabin heat. Finally – a Race System with heat!



Quiet Or Loud

Tested at just 102db at 4-5000rpm static. System can be tuned to be louder at customer request. 


 Custom exhaust system for Porsche 911 in UK and Europe

Improved performance

Improved performance, driveability and tractability, especially once the system has been live-mapped to the car.




Why We Created the Custom Exhaust System for Porsche 964

964 Race Systems was created by me, Steve Bennett, and was born out of my love for my Porsche 964. As a 964 enthusiast, I regularly drive my car all year round on fast A & B roads and track days. After just three years of ownership, I discovered that the factory stock system needed replacement with a split in the silencer and hairline cracks around the manifolds.

Carrying out exhaustive research, I discovered that there was not a lot on the market for those who wanted race tuned performance with street convenient heat exchangers and F1/Akrapovic quality.

I scoured UK and Europe ,looking for fabricators who would be able to construct a system that would retain the heat exchangers, make weight savings and design equal length race headers. This search led me to Ryan in Bicester, a master exhaust fabricator who designs bespoke systems for historic race cars, classic cars, modern performance cars and motorbikes.

Working together we were able to design a custom-made system with gas purged, true, equal length manifolds with efficient cylindrical heat exchangers. By separating the heat exchangers from the manifolds, we were able design completely un-compromised race manifolds whilst retaining efficient cabin heat.

Because we took a  fresh look at the original design, we were able to drastically simplify and re-package the entire system into a compact, light weight performance system, saving over 18kgs in the process. Make no mistake, there is no another system like this for your 964!

Obviously this money-no-object commitment to quality and design is not always in reach of some Porsche enthusiasts.

I wanted to be in a position to offer this same race system to all 964 owners looking to either replace or upgrade their current restrictive system.

By producing extensive jigs we are now able to exactly reproduce the race system at a fraction of the original fabrication time and cost.

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Custom exhaust system for Porsche 964 in UK and Europe


Custom exhaust system for Porsche 964 in UK and Europe






Our custom exhaust systems are made to order and will take on average 1-2 weeks to construct.

If convenient, I have partnered with Greatworth Classics in Banbury who specialise in air-cooled Porsches for the removal and fitting of the system.

Similarly if you would also like to take full advantage of the gains made possible by fitting the exhaust, SuperChips in Buckingham are not only experts but also have experience from live-mapping my 964 and they have their accurate MaHa rolling road facility.

Of course any reputable garage is capable of carrying out this work and the race system is extremely easy to fit. The system will work perfectly without live-mapping, but in order to see maximum gains I would recommend using a trusted tuner.

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If you have any more questions about our custom exhaust systems for Porsche 911, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.