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 Custom exhaust system for Porsche 964 in UK and Europe


About Me

My name is Steve Bennett and I am a Porsche enthusiast. I have previously owned and enjoyed a 964 RS, 993 C2S, developed into an exact 993 RS 3.8 replica, 3.0 SC which then developed into a ’73 RSL Hotrod with Nick Fulljames/Redtek with 964 Cup Spec engine (950kgs 320bhp), 996 GT2 with 580bhp and finally feel I have hit the sweet spot in terms of classic looks and pure performance with my 964 C2 RHD manual. In my spare time I am mostly found taking my 964 for early morning blasts down quiet A & B roads and on track days.

After 3 years of ownership, I discovered the OEM manifolds/heat exchangers (fitted with CAT bypass and Cup Pipe) needed replacement after the silencer split along the seam. I also discovered hairline fractures around the manifolds going into the heat exchangers.


The Conundrum

After extensive investigation, it became clear that if you wanted race tuned performance but wanted to retain street convenient heat exchangers, there were mostly compromised systems on the market for the older air-cooled Porsches.

Typically, you could either choose a single-purpose race system or a street system. The OEM manifolds are a known performance restrictor and most aftermarket systems are not equal length, despite making this claim. Typically, if you chose a street system with heat, you lost the performance benefit of having equal length race headers or had to put up with questionable quality.

I looked at the best that Germany had to offer and noticed that their systems were overly complicated or mass produced. I wanted true, equal length race headers, heat exchanger retention for year-round driving, a system simplified down to its basic components to allow maximum weight savings, and I wanted this fabricated with the highest quality materials, design and hand-made quality- preferably in the UK. In short, I needed a custom exhaust system for my Porsche 911.



Meeting Ryan

My search led me to a master exhaust fabricator (Ryan) who designs and fabricates bespoke systems for historic race cars, classic race cars, motorcycles and occasionally modern performance cars.

We immediately hit it off after much discussion concerning design, Ryan was able to take a completely fresh look and modern perspective of the original design. A system that was able to retain efficient heat exchangers without compromising performance in any way.

This came at considerable cost on my part including expensive hourly labour charges, excess materials, prototyping/testing, jigging, then tuning, mapping and rolling road time. Not to mention having to book a design and fabrication appointment with Ryan 6-8 months in advance!

However, all this was worth the expense and waiting once I got to see the end result. What Ryan had fabricated was truly unique and special. My next thought was, why not share this with my fellow Porsche enthusiasts. So, if you’re looking to give your Porsche a new lease of life, why not also get yourself a custom exhaust system for your Porsche 911 – at a fraction of the cost, time and effort than going direct or doing it yourself.






Ryan offers a full range of high quality, hand-crafted, custom-made, high performance exhaust manifolds and systems. He uses only the highest-grade materials and is in constant demand designing bespoke systems for all types of vehicles including race cars, performance and custom cars, classic cars and motorbikes.

With over 30 years experience in fabrication, 20 years in bespoke exhaust systems design, Ryan has a comprehensive knowledge of all forms of motorsport, prototyping and one-off design.

Whether it be vintage, classic, historic racing, BTCC, Hill Climb or a one-off design for the road, Ryan is your man!




Bicester Heritage

Ryan is based at Bicester Heritage. The UK's only hub for historic motoring excellence.

Founded in 2013, Bicester Heritage has gone from a standing start to a home for over 40 specialist businesses and is continually growing with a collective turnover of over £40m, making it the largest player in the industry.

The unique collection of businesses based at the beautiful 420-acre former WW2 RAF Bomber Training Station is a haven to anyone who loves classic cars and bikes.




















I have partnered with Ian Sandford, Managing Director at SuperChips Buckingham.

Ian’s team work are official tuners to the Porsche Club Championship and sponsors of both Matt Neil in BTCC and Tim Mullen in British GT racing. They are recognised as experts at remapping ECUs  in your car to unlock the full potential of your custom-made exhaust system. SuperChips have decades of experience in Porsche tuning and can provide expert bespoke calibration for your Porsche.

Many classic Porsches have been upgraded over the years, and the Motronic ECU software is not sophisticated enough to take full advantage of these enhancements automatically. 



So, SuperChips use a laptop computer to analyse and alter the car's software in real time, allowing very fine tuning of fuelling and ignition timing, as well as enhancing part-throttle and full-throttle driveability, thereby creating a unique calibration for your vehicle to your exact requirements.

This technology allows SuperChips to cater for customised exhausts, sports air filters, fast road cams and more. This unique service is available in Buckingham – please get in touch with us at 964 Race Systems, for more information about remapping and a custom exhaust system for your Porsche 911.

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